This blog helps you explore the different vacation ideas you can find in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Located in Horry county of South Carolina, it is a coastal city that is located on the east coast of the country. The continuous and large stretch of beach here is known as the Grand Stand. It is a major tourism hub; partly for the extensive beach areas, it offers as well as the subtropical climate that offers warmth and the sunshine through the year. There are about 14 million visitors to this area every year.

The area was discovered by European travelers who made the area famous by their settlements. Before that the Long Bay area was inhabited by Waccamaw tribe who were native to this region. The Little River and Waties Island were inhabited by this tribe who traveled by the river and fished by its shores. The European settlers here came from the 18th century and extended a plantation system here. They experimented with tobacco and indigo, but these were found to be of inferior quality. The Grand Stand area was uninhabited before the American Revolution. Many families had grants of lands by the coasts such as the Witherses. Indeed, this region has a varied history and culture besides being a popular beach destination in the country.

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